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The kitchen: Dustpan on the wall

Let's start with the dusters, mop or a broom. Often these things end up in a gap between the refrigerator and the wall of the left or right. Maybe behind the door to the kitchen or pantry. I recommend that you have a broom not just standing around. Attach it to the wall or on a door. Choose the location for the bracket so that a window or ventilation in the vicinity. So your grooming equipment dries faster and it forms no mold. You win storage space, paying attention to the cleanliness - and exactly paying attention even to your health. Dusters, dustpan and shovel You hang right on target. Store detergent in the kitchen No big surprise: Under the sink You lagerst your sponges, rags, dishwasher tablets, bin liners and kitchen cleaners. Thus, it remains clear, use attachable racks or removable containers for sorting. So you do not have a cleaning bottle after another rausstellen, then laboriously to reach a backward skidded. Kitchen rolls belong to a separate place. Is there namely under the sink a leak, then very quickly from the paper towels paper mache.

Of course, they do not belong next to the stove, because they are highly flammable. Place them best in a shelf, away from fire and water. store detergent in the bathroom For many of us it will quickly close the bathroom. The towels fill the shelves that showering and bathing utensils provide the remaining area to. Then the cleaning products wander up under the sink. Will it tight, so you can win an adjustable curtain rod more storage space.

Bathroom cleaners, sanitary cleaners and all the other bottles take like chickens on the pole space. Under certain circumstances, you additionally need a few S-hooks. With a laundry room do you have it easy In the laundry room, in that there is one, you lagerst for security reasons are not necessarily suitable for consumption remedies at the top of your shelves. A more practical idea is a shoe sorter to hang behind the laundry door.

As determined fit in all detergents which have not yet found a place. So the laundry room looks the same attractive and means are clearly sorted. But I can also recommend, if you have no (small) children in the house or the door is always locked - and please put not ,, closed "closed with ,," equal. Ironing board, clothes and vacuum cleaner - where to put it? The cleaners are housed, but what about your household appliances? Often the board is attached to the bedroom door. Practically? Maybe. Nice? No way. You're lying in your bed, reading a book and lunzt over to the door - and there you have a board depends!

I want to relax, not think about annoying ironing. Lasse between the bedroom closet and the wall enough space to place a board. There are special holders for ironing boards and accessories. Screw the bracket in the not visible for you page of your cabinet.

Do you wish to not damage your cabinet, then attach the bracket to the wall. Various mounting brackets you'll find, among other things on Amazon.de. Not a place for your drying rack? Correct - the you can also create in this way out of the way. Then you have under the two bulky household items Place for your vacuum cleaner.

The household utensils are characterized not safe from your irritated eyes? Terminal a curtain rod between the wall and the cabinet, and hide everything behind a curtain.

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