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Housekeeper is a woman who can rely on all the work cleaning and maintenance of your home related. You care all activities for cleaning cancel cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking for you and your family. When you get home from work to find clean and tidy. No need to constantly search for free time care to take. Instead, you can rest as you get home after the working day.

The company "Company name" will be sure to find the most suitable candidate for you and your family. have for several years to do with the supply and demand of such personnel in your town.
If you listen to your needs and sign a contract with us, we immediately start looking for your girl.
In the next five days, the company will take to find suitable candidates for you. We will send CVs approved only by the team of "Company name" candidates in advance. Which candidate interviews when and where is your personal decision, and if approved, you can view documents and recommendations from previous employers of the selected candidates.
When you share your chosen candidate within one month after the contract with "Company name"" for any reason the signature or she leaves the company cares to present new candidates available without compromising on the price - that you do not repay fee for mediation.
Briefly, the method is as follows:
a contract with "Company name" sign - the need to make an advance payment.
within the next five days we have suitable candidates we expanded your search interviewed and comply;
after your approval of the candidates make the final payment.
within one month of signing the contract, "Company name" is committed to bringing you to connect with new applicants, if you are not satisfied with the current.
What are you waiting for? Look no further The maid, the choice should not be left to chance.

Contact us to provide you with a choice of pre-selected and qualified staff at a good price for your town.

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