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It's getting colder, the trees are losing their leaves and that means: The garden should be prepared for the winter! Once again quickly trimmed the hedge and freed the constructions from the dirt. On the workwear you notice suddenly: rust stains!

However, your garden wardrobe you do not need to throw away directly.

Conventional budget, such as citric acid or vinegar, remove the rust stains from clothes in no time! Citric acid with warm water mix and dip the dirty garment in the solution. Then a little rub salt on the stain. Even easier: Place the patch in pure vinegar, and then into the washing machine with it.

Another variation to the rust stains: Onions! Moisten the rust stain slightly and rub with a fresh onion half over. Wash the stain repeatedly with water and repeat the process as often, until the rust stain has disappeared.

Again, you still: then put the garment in the washing machine.


The magic formula soap

The leather sofa is on display in the living room and gladly lets you look after lunch or dinner on down to enjoy an hour leisure. And suddenly: Briefly not fit and you have greasy fingerprints on the leather couch visible. How now acts against the shiny areas?

Leather is a natural material - breathable and waterproof. Before treating the stain, place a paper towel or blotter on the spot - without pressing strongly. Thus, the superficial fat is absorbed. Rub then with a piece of gall to spot a. Then everything Dab off with a dry cloth - do not rub! Once polished carefully dry and grease stain belongs to the past.


Yellowed get bright white curtains: 

Over time, aging curtains and are covered by a gray haze or get a slight yellow tinge. But in order to bring back to the beam, you do not need professional help.

Do not hide right back in the cupboard after baking the open baking powder packet! Instead: Enter into a half-filled bathtub five packet of baking powder or baking soda. Let the curtains overnight in this solution soak and wash the next morning the curtains normally at low temperature in the washing machine. So shine your curtains in a new light!

2nd place: clean carpet - Quick and thorough

So fluffy, soft and yet so dirty: remove stains from the carpet is definitely not one of the simplest household tasks. Above all, a little home remedy works wonders: Soda!

Soda - a highly effective and low-priced detergent - is often confused with soda. While soda is mainly used in the kitchen as baking soda, one uses Soda - because it acts much stronger than soda - especially in the household as a cleaner.

How it works: Rub the soda powder circular one at the dirty places in the carpet and sprinkle the stain then with hot water from a spray bottle. Four to five hours you should leave on this now; then you can reasonably eyes the rest.

But please use the powder with caution: Soda can act namely bleaching. Test on an inconspicuous area of ​​your carpet the effect in connection with soda. In no event soda should be used on wool or silk carpets.


Remove wax stains - dry or can be hard: 

At the last grilling season sit again on the terrace and make it in the candlelight cozy. And then it happens naturally! A gust of wind, the candle falls over, the tablecloth and clothes are suddenly full of wax. Now the question arises: Wait and let the wax dry or try to remove it immediately in a warm state?


Wait and let it dry?

Place small items most directly in the freezer to get the wax really hard. Enter in larger garments ice cubes on the stain or spray the wax stains with icing spray. Only when the wax has hardened, it can be rubbed off him and so remove the wax stains carefully out of the clothing.

Remove Hot Wax directly?

Here the guard spot is heated and covered with a blotter to absorb him so. Please note that we recommend to heat the spot to use a hair dryer and not the iron, as this can quickly become hot. Paper towels instead blotter goes? No! In the worst case, the paper towel with the wax sticks together to clothing.

Is still a small remnant of the spot to see something helps gall! Rub the stain with simply soap and enter the textiles directly into the washing machine.

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