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A professional cleaning power is not only active in corporate offices, in doctors' offices or in public buildings. On request can also be a cleaning in private houses and apartments. More and more households take this assistance. Especially for families with children and for couples who are fully employed, a professional house cleaning is a great relief in everyday life. How many times the cleaning power to work in the household and which tasks to complete, you can individually set. Enter a stairwell cleaning in order or simply leave once a week a private cleaning, basic cleaning is carried out over a period of three to five hours in your household. You determine the requirements for the apartment cleaning in agreement with the cleaning service.
take agreement for an individual apartment cleaning
Wear with the idea to employ a private cleaning, you can determine all the tasks themselves. Another advantage is a commission of house or flat in providing the services with a precise definition of all work to be done by the cleaning power while the apartment cleaning. You specify, included the spaces in which work and which should not be cleaned. You may want to clean your bedroom or nursery itself? Discuss whether and how often the windows are to be cleaned and how is the treatment of the soil. Do you have enough dry cleaning or do you wish that the floors be mopped regularly? Meet for the kitchen and for the bathroom concrete agreements. The more you deny the details of the private cleansing with the cleansing power, the better the result.

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